Wednesday, November 11, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR CITY COUNCIL (DBKL) PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS @najibrazak @tengkuadnanreal #batulesung

Deputy Finance Minister also Titiwangsa MP, Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani urged Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) to review and explain about Datuk Keramat Housing Project develop by Era Ecoland Sdn  Bhd status and to enable more affordable houses to be built in the area. 

Datuk Johari said,he had been deluged with complaints and voice out by original resident of Datuk Keramat who felt abandoned and neglected with that proposal was done without taking into account their opinions and best interest.

The signboard at the site mention that two apartment block with 274 unit each will be built on an area 1.8 acre land and the cost of the premium develop area is RM 1.2 M has been paid by a new set up developer, Era Ecoland Sdn Bhd. Half of the unit to be sold at affordable home prices while the rest of the apartment at sold at market price worth RM millions because of the strategic location in city center.

Datuk Johari agree to support development for the area BUT it must be implement in line with the local people aspirations and requirements. Please consider that matter for the sake of the original resident of Datuk Keramat. Give back their freedom and chance to get back their pride.

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