Thursday, April 4, 2019


Malaysian shocked when Datuk Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein, MP of Sembrong mentioned BN will give fully support and vote for The Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamed if PH government try to slam down the prime minster.

As we know, Hishamuddin is not in any high ranking position either in BN or UMNO, and shouldn’t give any statement on behalf, except only his opinion by him self

Malaysian was very up set when this new government did not full fill all their manifesto plus the minister always give stupid answers for all their needs. No improvement even economy going down and People getting suffer to survive, not easy to maintain and apply any job and money.

I’m sure if this matter doesn’t settle in this couple years, Malaysian will getting more upset and worst.

And to Hishamuddin, give concerns and attention to sembrong people is better then tagging with all Ph minister like Azmin. Is this publicity that are you looking for??
Reunite and take care of people heart is more possible to do then pampering PH minister buttock for your own pockets..

See you soon..

Thursday, June 28, 2018


1. Semua orang UMNO mengetahui bahawa kewujudan UMNO baru pada tahun 1988 adalah disebabkan pertelingkahan diantara dua orang yang berkuasa dimasa itu, seorang Perdana Menteri dan seorang lagi anak Raja dari Kelantan.

2. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah atau Ku Li telah mencabar Dr Mahathir Muhamad bagi merebut jawatan Presiden UMNO hingga memperlihatkan UMNO pecah kepada dua team iaitu team A dan B.

3. Kerana tidak puas hati maka Ku Li telah mengheret UMNO sehingga diharamkan penubuhannya pada ketika itu dan wujudlah UMNO baru dan Ku Li pula menggagaskan Semangat 46 sebagai sebuah parti politik.

4. Tak berapa lama selepas itu, Ku Li membubarkan Semangat 46 dan kembali menyertai UMNO.

5. Dengan menyatakan bahawa tidak akan menyertai UMNO walaupun dijemput jelas menunjukkan betapa ego seorang yang mempunyai darah Raja dalam sebuah parti politik.

6. Kini Ku Li menawarkan diri sebagai Presiden itu pun atas desakan beberapa orang pemimpin muda kononnya hanya Ku Li yang boleh melawan Dr Mahathir dalam parlimen.

7. Apa rasionalnya Ku Li sebagai Presiden baru boleh berdebat dengan Dr Mahathir sedangkan Ku Li juga merupakan Ahli Parlimen dan mampu berbuay demikian walaupun tidak memegang jawatan sebagai Presiden.

8. Dimana keberadaan Ku Li semasa bekas Perdana Menteri menerima kecaman kiri dan kanan termasuk fitnah yang dilemparkan oleh pembangkang pada ketika itu?

9. Adakah Ku Li pernah sekali bangun untuk mempertahankan Presiden parti pada ketika itu demi untuk kesinambungan pemerintahan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional?

10. Kenapa kini Ku Li baru hendak ke depan dan dimana dia semasa Barisan Nasional berada dalam kesusahan?

11. Jawapannya ialah, Ku Li bukanlah orang yang setia kepada parti dan pemimpin.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


1. Agak menghairankan juga bila Tan Sri Madinah Mohamad selaku Akauntan Negara tidak langsung diusik oleh kerajaan Pakatan Harapan sedangkan ramai dikalangan kakitangan penting dalam kerajaan dibuang atau diambil tindakan.

2. Tan Sri Madinah dilantik oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional sebelum parti berkenaan tumbang dalam pilihanraya umum yang lalu dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia menyaksikan rombakan drastik didalam kementerian.

3. Sebagaimana biasa, mereka yang dilantik oleh kerajaan terdahulu ditukar dengan kakitangan atau pegawai yang baharu.

4. Tambahan pula, Tan Sri Madinah merupakan isteri kepada Ketua UMNO Bahagian Kepong yang merupakan penyokong kuat kepada YB Datuk Seri Najib Razak hingga mengeluarkan perkataan “SAYA SANGGUP MATI BERSAMA NAJIB”.

5. Ada ura ura mengatakan bahawa Tan Sri Madinah kini berpaling arah kepada kerajaan Pakatan demi menjaga periuk nasi beliau dan juga suami yang terkenal sebagai ahli perniagaan.

6. Jika benar dakwaan yang disebut-sebut, terbuktilah bahawa pengikut Najib yang sebenarnya hanya mengejar projek bernilai jutaan ringgit namun tidak mampu untuk membela nasib boss mereka dahulu.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ismail Sabri Support UMNO youth's action #scs14 #DSIS @NajibRazak

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the protesters, who clashed with police during yesterday's rally in the city, were merely reacting to DAP lawmaker Nga Kor Ming’s Hari Raya greetings on Facebook that he termed as insulting.

"And the Umno Youth members were merely carrying out their responsibility to defend the pride of the Malays and of Islam that were insulted by Nga Kor Ming.

"Yesterday was an example of their reacting to his statement. It is their duty to defend the integrity and the dignity of the Malays who were insulted," he said.

He also cautioned other politicians against making such controversial statements, even in jest, as it could affect the sensitivities of Malaysians.

“I hope after this there will be no more incidents like this.  All leaders, opposition politicians and such have to be careful when issuing statements.

If they want Umno dead, we also want them dead,” #scs14 @NajibRazak

A group of Umno Youth members caused a commotion when it attempted to breach a police barricade in front of the DAP headquarters here to protest against its Perak chairman Nga Kor Ming.

Led by Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii, the group demanded that the Taiping MP apologise for his remark which allegedly insulted the Malays and Islam.

The stand-off with the light strike force lasted for half an hour until the police allowed several of the leaders to meet with a representative from DAP.

Controversial ex-soldier Mohd Ali Baharom, also known as Ali Tinju, who was also spotted in the crowd, was taken away by police for trespassing into the DAP premises 

Razlan, in his speech, accused Nga of insulting the Malays with a series of “insensitive” Facebook postings during Hari Raya, the latest purportedly equating duit raya (cash gifts) to dedak(chicken feed).

“We demand that he make a public apology to all Muslims because his provocation has hurt the feelings of the Muslims and the Malays.”

Monday, June 20, 2016

"Upgrade Sekinchan's market", Budiman first order #scs @NajibRazak @budimanmohdzohdi

After his thumping victory was announced late last night, the newly-minted Sungai Besar member of parliament wasted no time in oiling his machinery to work on his first task. To fulfill one of his promises, Budiman visited the Sekinchan Public Market early today, giving an assurance that his priority was to upgrade the market for the comfort of traders, and attract more visitors in the future. He said the move was in line with the mandate given by the people in the by-election yesterday, to continue fighting for their rights and demands. 

According to Budiman, a survey of the public market shows as if the DAP elected representative for Sekinchan did not care about the old and dilapidated condition of the market’s facilities. “I am very sympathetic to the situation of the public market, where during the three terms under the auspices of the DAP, the drains are poorly maintained, floors not washed, and even the lighting looks gloomy. 

"The market is very important to the locals, because it is also a place for the people from around Tanjong Karang to buy their daily items,” he told reporters here today. Budiman said although Sekinchan was known as a DAP stronghold, efforts to upgrade and refurbish the public market there was not related to political affiliation, and he was doing it out of his obligation as the MP of the constituency. Thus, he said, he would try hard to get the budget from the federal government to keep his promise although it would have to go through several procedures first. 

Meanwhile, commenting on the increase in Chinese support for him, Budiman smiled and said it was a clear message that they were smart to choose a moderate leader, who understood local issues in depth. “To me, the Chinese must also be approached, but we have to be smart and use the appropriate methods, but I treat all people regardless of race, equally. “I accept the support from them (the Chinese) with an open heart, and I will strive to give the best possible service,” he added. In the Sungai Besar parliamentary by-election yesterday, Budiman as the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate garnered 16,800 votes, beating PAN candidate Azhar Abdul Shukur (7,609 votes) and PAS Dr Abdul Rani Osman (6,902 votes). 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Defaced with Red paint, some party are desperate to win #scs93 #prkSgBesar @NajibRazak

At least two posters of BN candidate Budiman Mohd Zohdi have been defaced with red paint.In both posters along the road from Sungai Besar to Sekinchan, paint completely obscures Budiman's face.

Campaign posters are few and far apart here, with most parties relying more on flags to create an election atmosphere.

Tomorrow will be the day for Sg. Besar by-election. BN named Budiman Mohd Zohdi, PAN named Azhar Shukur and PAS Dr Rani Osman. May the best man win for the local people of Sg Besar.